How to work with cluster companies and surrounding agents? How can a region's cluster policy be strengthened?

Cluster Mapping

Mapping of business and/or territory

How to define correctly the operational scope of cluster initiatives?

Strategy based on market segments or business segments.

Strategic development projects of a cluster initiative

How to prioritise and work on actions to strengthen the competitive position of enterprise?

Process of change, strategic analysis and business leadership.


Generation and execution of projects for the cluster

How to generate high-impact cluster projects?

Instruments for innovation and business development of cluster enterprises.

Cluster manager tools

What instruments can facilitate cluster management?

Support tools for cluster management.

How to develop the skills required for cluster management? Online courses available soon




On April 19 one presented in Barcelona the wine "La Poca Vergonya", a project in which we have taken part and which is stimulated by the Consell Comarcal de Ribera d’Ebre, inside the occupational plan and local development “Ribera d’Ebre Viva”


Competitive routes, also called Cluster Initiatives are the optimum environments to create a space of trust between entrepreneurs and, above all, reflect on the future strategies of companies.

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