Talent is the key factor in differentiation strategies. Both in the development of clusters and in innovation ecosystems, we specifically identify gaps in talent and companies and define concrete actions to attract them. Thereby, a policy of investment and talent attraction is built with a more solid base and linked to the differentiation strategies of our clusters and ecosystems.

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One of the main arguments of business attraction for a region or territory is to have a business friendly environment. To internationalize industry specialization and clusters helps in order to attract companies for reasons such as the existence of talent, of specialized suppliers or of a sophisticated local demand. Our international expertise on working with clusters in more than 40 countries allows us to build investment attraction plans that stand out for being very specific and of high added value.


To implement actions to attract businesses and talent require a specific set of operative capabilities and knowledge on using digital tools to carry out said actions. Cluster Development has a partnership with a Scandinavian based company specialized in this area. This partnership gives us the tools, the human resources and the company experience to successfully implement an attraction plan.