Innovation methodologies for new product development with health ecosystem in Cauca Valley Colombia

Impulse to the competitiveness of the Clinical Excellence Cluster through knowledge and innovation management – Valle del Cauca, Colombia


Innovation methodologies to develop new health products


Starting point: The Valle del Cauca Clinical Excellence Cluster, along with Cluster Development, defined its action plan on June of 2015. In it have been proposes the generation of profitable and scalable knowledge as the only real differentiator that will allow the health institutions to boost its positioning for their current patients as well as those of more demanding international markets.

Given the above and, with the purpose to work on the strategic line “Development and commercialization of products/services based on knowledge”, the Clinical Excellence Cluster with Cluster Development participated in the call for project Reto Cluster financed by iNNpulsa. In that call five health institutions, that sought to structure new business models and develop new products/services, took part.

The project has intended to structure new business models and develop products for the five health institutions, through the consolidation of Innovation Units and Valorisation in Specialized Clinical Services.


  • Development and implementation of a pre-commercial validation model of Specialized Clinical Services to package and assess the health institutions knowledge
  • Interviews with sophisticated clients (international insurers, health reference centers) for the analysis of trends and forms of competition in the international market
  • Development of innovation methodologies to define new health product/service
  • Creation of 5 Units of Innovation and Valorisation of Specialized Clinical Services
  • 5 new services/products sophisticated and definition of its business model
  • National and international (Barcelona) pre-commercial validation with potential clients and experts
  • Conformation of a sustainable management model for the Clinical Excellence Cluster to implement strategic actions and, monitor the governance performance