Our team of consultants is specialized in helping companies to improve their competitiveness through Cluster Initiatives that allow them to jointly or collaboratively face strategic challenges in the same business.

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We characterize and size the sector of cluster identifying the companies and entities that are part of the business value chain (detailed database of companies, revenues, employment, exports…) and we analyze the different strategic segments or businesses that can be detected in the potential Cluster Initiative.


We define, from various analysis and process activities, the best future strategy for the companies of the territory, as well as an action plan with the actions to be carried out at both a company level and at an environment level.


We identify those companies and profiles better suited to successfully lead the action plan. We help in the selection and hiring of the cluster manager profile. We establish working rules for the correct implementation of the projects and a financing scheme of the Initiative.


The objective is to understand other initiatives in the same business as our cluster, to contrast our companies with enterprises with successful strategies and to generate a network of international partners in our business.


In the framework of the Cluster Initiative, we identify the markets that present the greatest interest for the different participating companies, we study them in situ and in detail interacting with potential clients and we accompany the companies interested in entering these new markets by organizing the agenda of encounters and the trip.


We work with different companies for the development of new products and services and their launch in the national or international market working on aspects such as product innovation, manufacturing processes, commercial and marketing aspects, etc.


We form recently recruited Cluster Managers to improve their future performance or we develop the skills of current Cluster Managers on aspects such as analysis of a business strategy, project management in a cluster, implementation of action plans and so on. We have various approaches and courses aimed at creating knowledge in the management of collaborative projects, in dynamizing territories and in managing public-private collaboration processes. Our courses are adapted to the level of training of the beneficiary, which can be from a first contact up to an advanced level. We train public sector personnel responsible for the development of cluster policies and innovation.