Iván Majadas


“In this job you are constantly moving, there is no time to be bored” 


He came to Cluster Development looking for a dynamic job where he could learn and understand different business models, industries and innovation ecosystems. His job requires him to be constantly on the move and he has partaken in projects in the fields of food and beverage, health, tourism and artificial intelligence. In the field of languages, as well as Catalan and Spanish, he speaks fluent English, gets by with his French and can speak a bit of Chinese.


He dedicates his free time to playing sports such as basketball, and when he can, travel the world. He admits that he can’t begin his day without a good coffee and presentations with a lot of text make him nervous.



Degree in Business Administration and Management by Autonoma University of Barcelona (UAB) (Barcelona, Spain).


Degree in Economy  by Autonoma University of Barcelona (UAB) (Barcelona, Spain).


Stage at University of California, Santa Cruz.