Lluís Ramis

Partner Director

“The job has allowed me to travel to different parts of the world to develop cluster projects” 


Lluís jointly founded Cluster Development with Eduard Ribas in 2005 and has more than 25 years of experience in the world of clusters. Apart from his tasks as a partner, he is in charge of the coordination of the business and the financial management. Among other things, he highlights that his job has allowed him to travel to different parts of the world such as Latin America or North Africa, among others, to develop cluster projects.


He has rural roots and, unsurprisingly, he is passionate about everything to do with nature and the countryside. As a result, his leisure trips are always to places far away from cities and large clusters.


Do not be fooled if you see his desk somewhat disorganised, he is an inveterate perfectionist!



Bachelor in Economic and Business Sciences by University of Barcelona.


Master in Business Administration by IESE Institute of Barcelona