Our team of consultants is specialized in helping companies to improve their competitiveness through Cluster Initiatives that allow them to jointly or collaboratively face strategic challenges in the same business.

In an Open Innovation model, companies need a competitive environment to innovate successfully. Our consulting firm develops projects to reinforce and to improve innovation ecosystems in territories and/or linked to facilitating technologies (photonics, artificial intelligence, digitalization and industry 4.0 …). We also contribute to improving the start-up and entrepreneurship policies linked to these ecosystems.


Talent is the key factor in differentiation strategies. Both in the development of clusters and in innovation ecosystems, we specifically identify gaps in talent and companies and define concrete actions to attract them. Thereby, a policy of investment and talent attraction is built with a more solid base and linked to the differentiation strategies of our clusters and ecosystems.

In Cluster Development, we provide local, regional and national governments with tools to define the programs of their economic development and their competitiveness policies.